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July 12, 2024

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Downloading SourceView Reader

     In order to download SourceView Reader single click on "Click here to download file" below. When prompted to, select "run this program from it's current location", then select "OK". A security warning will appear; Select "Yes". The SourceView install window will appear. Select "Install" and wait for "Cancel" to change to "Exit". After downloading, refer to "Optimizing Performance" below.

SourceView Installation File

Click here to download file (517 KB)

Optimizing Performance

     Once download is complete, open SourceView by selecting a job in BID Online or going through My Computer on your desktop and double-clicking on the C: Drive, then the "Svreader" folder. You will then double-click on the green "Svreader" icon. SourceView will then open. Click "OK". Then, on the tool bar, choose Options->System Configuration->HTTP Setup.... Under the Cache section at the bottom of the window, change both days boxes to "0", then select "OK". You are now ready to begin using BID Online.

     To print out Instructions on Downloading SourceView and Optimizing Performance click on Print Instructions here. Then choose File->Print in your browser to print them out. After printing is completed, click on "Click here to return to download".

Downloading BIDOnline FTP Software

     This section contains links to the BIDOnline FTP Software. In order to download the FTP Software you will need to be able to extract zip files. We suggest WinZip. Once WinZip has been downloaded and installed, single-click on "Click here to download file" under the FTP section below. When prompted to, select "Save file to disk", then select "OK". Go to where you downloaded the zip file, extract the setup files using WinZip, and double-click the Setup.exe icon. Follow the instructions that will guide you through the rest of the setup process. For help Click here.

BIDOnline FTP Software Download

     The FTP function of BIDOnline provides multiple section download capablities via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). WinZip, or some other zip utility, is necessary for installation.

Click here to download file (1.93 MB)

Downloading MaxView Reader

MaxView Installation Files

     A self-extracting zip file that contains the setup files that will install MaxView Reader on your computer. This program, or SVReader, is necessary for you to use BIDOnline.

For HELP with MaxView Reader Click Here 

Click here to download file (9.85 MB)

Downloading BIDOnline Desktop

     BIDOnline Desktop allows you to find jobs on our website and download the plans and specs for them right from your computer without having to visit the actual website. There are also additional features in the desktop version of BIDOnline that aren't available on the website.

BIDOnline Desktop Installation Files

     Download the installation package and save it to a directory on your computer. After downloading it, run the BidDesktop.exe file to install BIDOnline Desktop. MaxView, or SVReader, is still necessary for you to view and plans/specs downloaded with this product.

Click here to download file (17.50 MB)

Downloading MDAC 2.5 SP3

MDAC 2.5 SP3 Installation Files

     Download the install file to a directory on your computer. Run the setup file to install MDAC 2.5 SP3. Only download this file if requested by our technical support staff.

Click here to download file (7.57 MB)